Monday, May 2, 2016

Accountable Independent Readers ( even in Kindergarten and First Grade!)

Yes! I'm still alive, I know it has been way too long. I have been kept busy with the many kiddos at school and my two guys at home!  I wanted to stop by and show how I hold some of the youngest readers accountable during independent reading.
 I have found there are 3 things that must happen to create strong independent readers!
 1. Setting a purpose for your readers is so important, a purpose will help them have a stronger understanding of what they are reading. Newer readers need help setting a purpose.
 In my room our purpose is usually the comprehension skill that we are working on that week. I have small poster hanging up that we refer to before we begin independent reading.

 2. Every reader bust have a specific reading goal. Giving them a specified skill helps each individual student at his/her own level.
 My students goals are posted in an area where they can find them and see them to help hold students accountable. At any time you can ask a student in my room what their reading goal is and the will tell you! When giving students goal make them specific and manageable. A goal won't be "to work on sight words," but specifically naming what sight words they will be working on. I would pick no more than 3-4.
 3) Hold students accountable! It is very hard for students to read independently for over a few minutes. Students need a "job" to help keep them on track.
 Using their specific goals I will assign Word Hunts, these help students find a specific word or spelling pattern in books that they are reading.

 Another way to help students with their goals is to give them opportunities to talk about what they have read.
 Graphic Organizers help them to share their own thoughts about what they have read and a great way to assist their learning.

I hope I have given you a tip to two to help your little readers! How do you help your students become accountable readers?