Saturday, March 22, 2014



Happy weekend friends! 

I am not sure about you but this week was never ending! Friday was rough, my kids were super grumpy and I was exhausted! During the day I am pretty sure I heard my name called 5,000 times, heard 2,000 tattle tales, calmed 20 meltdown moments and repeated my directions one too many times.  Wouldn't you know, at the end of the day one of my friends waved her hand frantically while calling out my name- uggg! I was seconds away from asking her to put her hand down and erupting like a volcano but...I didn't.  I mustered up one last bit of patience and energy and said "yes, sweetie?" Now, I was expecting to hear to hear my 2,001st tattle of the day but she proved me wrong. She simply asked, "Can I have a hug?" In the moments before her question I felt defeated and was counting down the seconds until school was over for the week and I had no idea of the question she was about to ask. As we hugged I felt the weight of the world come off my shoulders.Who knew that one hug with give my so much relief  and hope?
I know this sounds like a silly story but it is moments like these that make it all worth while. So if you happen to have one of these days where you feel like the world is crumbling below you, I hope you can get a hug. Because sometimes, a hug is all you need to make you feel better!

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  1. No matter how young or how old you are - sometimes a hug is all you need