Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Fun

I recently was a guest author on the Kinder Tribe Blog and share some pumpkin love that I wanted to share with all my followers! As much at I love my pumpkin coffee and pumpkin pie I love incorporating a pumpkin theme into my teaching! There are so many great books out there on pumpkins that it hard to pick just one as my favorite! 
Pumpkin Circle is a great book with wonderful pictures that describes the pumpkin life cycle.

In Literacy students bring so much knowledge to the class that they already have about pumpkins that we are able to activate our schema and then gain new knowledge from books we read! I love using sticky notes to invite students to share what they know and learned!

To bring some hands-on active learning we use our senses to explore pumpkins and the students love it! 

Once we explore a real pumpkin we write all of the adjectives we can think of about pumpkins.

Click here to grab these freebies.

In Math, we use large paper pumpkins and bean bags to create math problems and work with ten frames.

I hope this sparked some ideas of your own! What do you like to do with your kiddos in the fall?

 Hugs and Smiles,

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