Sunday, January 17, 2016

Letter Fun (with some Freebies!)

I have been pulling a few small groups a day to help our strugling Kinders reach grade level by the end of the year and they loved this letter sorting activity I did with them!
First I made this pocket chart letter sort. I had already placed a few letters in the chart and then we talked about what letters had curves, straight lines and both.

I then made this little anchor chart and put the letters of my name on sticky notes. (Yes, an O is missing and I have no clue where my little ones put it.)  The worked together so well trying to sort the letters out.

 Finally, I gave them their own sort and their own same strip. The Kinders cut the letters out and then sorted them on their own mat.

 They really loved these activities! If you would like a copy of the pocket chart or sorting mat click HERE. What activties do you like to do when helping learners with their letter recognition?

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