Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Visualize

We just wrapped up a fun filled week on visualizing in Kindergarten! I was a bit worried my kids would have trouble with this literacy skill but I found some great poems by Jeff Foxworthy that they really connected to. I know what you are thinking, Jeff Foxworthy?!? Children's Poems?!? But, Yes!! I found two great books full of poems that had my kids begging for more!

Both Hide!! and Dirt on My Shirt books have a variety of poems that kids can really connect to and it helps students easily make mental images while they are reading the poem.

I chose the poem Dirt On My Shirt for the first day of visualizing and read the poem to my students without showing them the illustration.

I asked them to draw a picture and write about what they visualized. I LOVED seeing the variety of images my Kinders came up with. Some of their drawings had more details than the illustrator had!

To go along with our unit I created a pack of differentiated graphic organizers that your students can use while learning how to visualize. If you click HERE it will bring you to the pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I hope you have as much fun visualizing as we did!

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