Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Teeny Tiny Room

Here are a few pictures of my room this year. You can tell I went with a color combo theme and I LOVE it. It helps my room feel super homey.
This is a view from the back of my room.

 This is one side of my room I hang literacy work on the large bulletin board. My numbers are above as will as my word families.

 Word wall and white board. I also have my reading strategy posters up as well.

This is my carpet area. Those bight green shapes are sit spots. If you have not herd about sit spots you are missing out! They are AMAZING. You can learn more about them here

This is my library area :)

Here is my little teacher area!

 Hope you enjoyed your tour! If you have any questions just ask!


  1. love it!! such an adorably organized classroom!!! 😊

  2. Your room is really cute!! I think you used the space really well. I like that everything is blue/green--it gives a really calming vibe!
    Kinder Colors

    1. Thank You Kaia, Im all about the calming room!