Sunday, June 14, 2015

Popcorn Day

As the school year winds down I start to have theme days full of fun! One of our fun days was POPCORN DAY! The students loved it! We started by reading some books to get us in the popcorn zone.
These are my favorites:

 We then made a little popcorn craft that went along with our sight words. (I found the popcorn bucket and outline on google images)

Then we made popcorn! My lovely co-teacher brought in her air popper and the students went CRAZY! I have a video of it on my Instagram account.
It was delicious!
We used our 5 senses to explore our popcorn (and our favorite sense to use was taste!) I found this cute little freebie from Sunny and Bright in First Grade

This product has the cutest clipart! The students did a wonderful job!

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