Monday, July 20, 2015

Popping Up

I know some of my Tri-State Area friends still have a bit of summer left but I know some of you are starting school soon! With "Back to School" time just around the corner I decided to spruce up one of my old products.  These little tags can be found in my TPT store and best of all it's a FREEBIE!
I add these tags to a bag of popcorn and hand them out to my parents who attend "Back to School" night to show my thanks. 
 I have made two versions to help everyone out! I have a colored version and I find them simply adorable! I also have a black and white version you can print out on your favorite colored paper (I prefer astrobrights paper).
 I promise you, this will be a hit! Better yet popcorn is cheep so you wont be breaking the bank to show your parents how much you appreciate them!
So "pop" on into my store and scoop up this freebie!

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